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What is CBD oil?

Cannabis is the botanical word of hemp and is one of the oldest crops in the globe. Already 12,000 years ago hemp was cultivated in Persia and China as grain. What is CBD? CBD, advertised cannabidiol, occurs naturally in the hemp plant, with different concentrations of different cannabis plant species. Especially in the plant cannabis indica, so the Indian hemp, the concentration is considered particularly high.

CBDa, cannabidiol acid, is the precursor of CBD and the source of many other cannabinoids. In each plant cannabidiolic acid (English cannabidiol acid, short CBDA) is present as an ingredient. Enzymes convert this acid into various other cannabinoid acids during the maturation process of the plant. For example, in THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic, translated tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), CBDa (cannabidiol acid) and others. By means of further processing steps, one then wins THC, CBD and also CBD.

For the first time, cannabidiol was discovered in 1964 as a constituent of hashish, the resin of the female cannabis plant. CBD, in contrast to THC, the intoxicating component of the hemp plant, non-psychotropic, so not mind-altering. For this reason, it is not subject to the Narcotics Act in Germany and is therefore freely available.

Tips for the correct application of CBD: CBD is to be taken as a cannabinoid in different ways. Particularly effective is the application by inhalation by means of evaporator (vaporizer) or inhaler. The active ingredient passes through the gas exchange of the lungs directly into the bloodstream. However, asthmatics and other vulnerable people should refrain from using it wherever possible.

Also very fast is the active ingredient also by the administration under the tongue into the blood. Just drip a few drops of the appropriate CBD oil under the tongue. The mucous membranes ensure that the active substance quickly passes into the blood.

In addition, CBD itself causes high doses, generally no relevant side effects. But that does not mean that CBD has no effect on the body at all. For decades, medical professionals, as well as the general public, have overlooked CBD and its effects because of its focus on psychoactive THC. In short, CBD can provide peace without any inebriation.

Is CBD oil legal?

What we are very happy about from CBD products, however, is that the CBD can already be freely sold today and we have accordingly specialized in this area, as we are convinced of the effect and the various advantages.

What exactly is CBD? The cannabis plant contains more than 120 different compounds known as cannabinoids. These can act with the receptors in the body, causing different effects in our brain and nervous system. The various cannabinoids in the hemp plant make up about 40% of the plant extract. Many varieties are still bred to date that most of the active ingredients are THC, but there are also several varieties that contain high levels of CBD. These are mainly used for medical benefit. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. This is a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid that can be legally purchased on the Western and American markets.

Now, the medical capacity of CBD has established its way to the public. Clinical trials over the past four decades have found that CBD has promising therapeutic capabilities. According to these studies, CBD works among others:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anxiolytic
  • antipsychotic/antidepressant
  • soothing/relaxing
  • antiepileptic/anticonvulsant
  • soothing
  • digestive stimulating

CBD works in such a variety of health challenges because it stimulates our endocannabinoid system in the body. Cannabis strains containing CBD as the main cannabinoids have been bred in recent years. In many countries, hemp plants containing more than a certain percentage of delta-9-THC are considered as addictive substances

Switzerland> 1%

Austria> 0.3%

Western and American> 0.2%

What is CBD? CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive, that is not an intoxicating component of the hemp plant. In recent years, many positive effects of CBD on the human body have been noted, especially analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason, the plant compound is becoming increasingly important as alternative medicine and dietary supplement.

Hemp: The natural origin of cannabidiol

Hemp has been used medicinally for more than 5,000 years. Here you can call the useful and ornamental plant quite a natural laboratory. Around 500 ingredients are now known. For the pharmaceutical, use are interesting v. a. the phytocannabinoids, which include CBD. CBD occurs mainly in the upper third of the hemp plant, but also in the flowers. Biochemically, it is the antagonist of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is known worldwide as an intoxicant and is controversial.

Strictly speaking, CBD is part of the essential oils of hemp. These are produced in the plant hair of female specimens and stored mainly in the flowers. In order to meet the increasing demand, to increase the CBD content and to improve the quality, special varieties are used. This also helps to keep the THC content as low as possible. In the case of breeding, this is sometimes well below 0.2%, which is below the maximum permitted in the European Union.

The recovery of CBD from the hemp plant

To win CBD from the hemp plant, there are several possibilities. The most common methods include the following:

The CO2 extraction takes place roughly by the following measures: The first step consists in a reduction and heating of the hemp up to 150 ° C. Subsequently, liquid and highly cooled carbon dioxide is added under high pressure, which separates the individual plant components and converts the CBDA to CBD. In the final step, the CBD is separated from the other ingredients. This process is most commonly used today, for example in the production of full-spectrum extracts. These are extracts that in addition to CBD also contain many other cannabinoids.

The effect of CBD

If the active ingredient z. For example, in the form of CBD oil or CBD capsules in our body, it is distributed through the bloodstream in the body, where it unfolds its effects. The modes of action are so versatile that in most cases CBD can not replace conventional medical treatment, but it can certainly complement it.

The effect of CBD can not be limited. Rather, the phytochemical unfolds numerous effects in the body. CBD has been proven to be:

  • Anti flammable / anti-inflammatory
  • Appetitzügelnd
  • soothing
  • reassuring
  • anxiolytic
  • Anti Psychotic
  • Protective cell
  • Antispasmodic
  • Antipyretic (antipyretic)
  • Antiemetic (for nausea and vomiting)
  • sleep-promoting
  • Defense Tonic

Thus, it is partially opposite to the THC. Although many cannabis consumers say that they are reassured after consumption, which is the same in CBD, the issue of hunger is very different: THC increases appetite, while CBD alleviates hunger. Even a tumor-inhibiting effect has been demonstrated, and this treatment may only be done in close consultation with the doctor and is currently being intensively researched.

Arrived by the bloodstream in the body, CBD interacts with various receptors in the brain and the immune system. Researchers have discovered that CBD has more than ten different mechanisms of action. It intervenes in the most diverse signaling pathways and thus influences the metabolism in a positive way. For comparison: THC affects only two receptors, but still has a strong intoxicating effect. Exactly these so-called psychoactive and potent

Absorption through the lungs is as fast as absorption via the oral mucous membranes. It can be used both on special liquids (e-liquids), as well as hemp from legal cultivation. So-called “legal grass”, which has a high proportion of cannabidiol but hardly any THC, is often in the same price range as illegal THC hemp.

If CBD is used for self-medication, the recommendation varies between 150 to 800 mg daily. Lower dosage is advisable for non-medical use in any case. However, it is best here in advance to make individual inquiries, for example, at the doctor or pharmacy.

Can you overdose on CBD?

The dose should be taken in relatively small doses and then increased slowly if it is done on its own initiative and not prescribed by a doctor. This also coincides with most diseases that are treated with cannabidiol. Only the epilepsy treatment starts with a high dosage.

Too much cannabidiol can, strictly speaking, be achieved, but so far no classical overdose effects, ie negative side effects, are known. Rarely, fatigue has occurred in individuals, but this can not be considered a classic overdose symptom.

In what form is the active ingredient available?

Common forms of cannabinoid are:

  • CBD capsules
  • Cosmetic products (such as ointments)
  • Food and groceries
  • E-Liquids

However, capsules (often also known by the term “tablets”) can have different forms of the ingredient: both dried and pressed hemp juice powder and hemp oil capsules. However, hemp oil often consists of the pressed seeds of the hemp plant – and therefore does not have to have a high CBD content. Oral intake is also possible via foods such as chewing gum or crystals.

 Top 5 Benefits of CBD oil 

It can affect:

  • Mood
  • memory
  • motor controls
  • defense function
  • procreation
  • pain perception
  • appetite
  • sleep
  • bone development
  • to have.

The dosage of medicinal cannabis products should always be personalized. In particular, the right dosage of CBD generally depends on two main factors: the individual’s condition and condition, as well as the problem or illness being treated.

5 tips for the correct CBD dosage

Does CBD make high? The advantage of cannabidiol is that it has no psychoactive effects on the body. Many still have no idea today about the difference between CBD and THC. However, this must be strictly distinguished, since both have fundamentally different types of agents. Although both come from the same plant, however, the active ingredient makes THC a person “high” and is therefore also illegal under Western and American law.

CBD products have a different effect on the body. Only some articles have a minimal amount of THC (<0.2%), as in the case of CBD oil. However, this is not a problem according to legal standards and is legal and freely negotiable on the Western and American markets. According to Western and American law, CBD oil is classified as a dietary supplement.

Decide on the type of intake

CBD products are available as oils, capsules, powders, creams, among others. The type of intake also determines the dosage and so, for example, oils are absorbed more and more fully by the organism than creams.

Consult a doctor or pharmacist. It is recommended to see a doctor before using any products. He can advise you. The therapeutic value of CBD is almost incredible. For decades, outdated laws have banned a plant that has properties that can become one of the most important drugs for modern diseases.

CBD is polypharmacological, which means that it can affect several different pathways in the body at once. This, in turn, makes it very difficult to explore this molecule because it is almost impossible to tell what effect these different interactions have on each other. CBD can have extremely many positive qualities with extremely few side effects if any. Nevertheless, you should not look at CBD as a healing miracle cure. As it is mentioned time and again in all the research reports, CBD is not the same for every person.

The hemp plant has a long history. It is one of the oldest and most important crops of our humanity and was used for medicinal purposes and food. In China, it was already over 2800 years BC. Chr. Used to turn ropes. Also, researchers could prove that already before 1000 BC. Textiles were woven from hemp. Until the 19th century, hemp was the most widely cultivated crop worldwide. Even before, the plant’s distinctiveness was well known and was also used to promote the healing process of wounded warriors. What many people today do not even know is that the first Bible of Gutenberg was also printed on hemp. This again shows how extensively this raw material was used.

Due to the industrialization of the hemp plant suffered a decline and was displaced in the textile sector of cotton. Also, the paper was made of wood. In the field of pharmacology, more and more synthetic products were discovered, which contributed to the popularity of hemp in this area.

Side effects of CBD oil

At the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st-century hemp regained prominence. Since it is used today as a medicinal plant or as a substitute for general medicine in many people, many speak for the plant with high CBD or THC content. However, THC is considered an illegal substance in our current legal policy and is therefore prohibited to consume. 

CBD, however, is freely available and can be found in very different products. Only in the field of medical treatment, there are some relaxations that allow today to consume cannabis with a doctor’s prescription. There has been much debate in recent years as to whether cannabis should not be universally released as legal, as there are several studies that advocate legalization. Of course, pros and cons sides have valid arguments, but in countries like Canada, the US, the Netherlands or even Portugal, legalization can bring some benefits. What the future brings in Western and American is to be seen. In contrast to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not have an exhilarating effect on the body. It also does not make you dependent but has many potential health benefits.

How to use CBD oil?

CBD Oil CBD products Essentials, CBD products CBD Oil, CBD – What is it? How does CBD work? Cannabidiol can interact via the various cannabinoid receptors in the body. This can have different positive effects on us. Many consumers use it primarily for everyday problems, such as pain and inflammation. Additionally, it is often used to get a calmer sleep. Other problems that can be resolved are nervousness or stress. In general, CBD can have a calming effect on the body, contributing to relaxation.

There are also some testimonials that show that CBD products can help in very different situations. Some examples are Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis, epilepsy, hepatitis, and even cancer. In the latter case, it can help ensure that cannabidiol protects cells and negatively from negative influence. Different studies on cells have shown that this can inhibit cancer growth. Likewise, CBD can counteract THC and reduce its effectiveness. This means that both cannabinoids dock to the CB1 receptor and compete for it.

Where to buy CBD oil safe?

Why CBD? CBD can be a good alternative to traditional medicine for many people. It is a natural product directly from nature without artificial additives. It has to be said that at the present time the medicine is not yet agreed on how far CBD can help or help with various ailments, but that also comes from the fact that there are still very few studies on it. Nevertheless, we want to call this point too, so as to be able to inform as transparent as possible.

Today, many people are convinced of the effect of cannabidiol, which shows a variety of experience reports from the Internet. Everyone should convince themselves of CBD and get a picture of the drug to form an independent opinion.

It is important to us from CBD products that we can help as many people as possible. If you are now a little curious about CBD products, we invite you to take a look at our oils. We offer four different CBD. 100% natural ingredients. CBD is a 100% naturally occurring chemical compound derived directly from the cannabis plant. In addition, our CBD is dissolved in natural coconut oil (MCT oil).

CBD products’ CBD oil contains no psychoactive substances and is not intoxicating

Not psychoactive CBD has no intoxicating effect. Our CBD oils contain the legally prescribed maximum amount of <0.2% THC and therefore have no psychoactive effect.

CBD products Essential CBD Oil is tested by independent laboratories and has the highest quality

laboratory Tested. The producer controls the entire manufacturing process – from seeds to your home. Our CBD oils have the highest quality available on the market.

CBD products hemp oil contains 100% pesticide-free hemp without artificial ingredients

pesticide-free. Our CBD oils are based on the principles of organic farming and are free of synthetic pesticides.

100% batch testing is guaranteed on the cannabidiol oil from CBD products, which is controlled by external laboratories. 100% batch test. Each individual batch is tested in the in-house analysis laboratory as well as by external laboratories for CBD, CBDA, THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA and CBN content. Thus, we can guarantee exact concentration information. In addition to cannabidiol, our full-spectrum CBD oils provide numerous other phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids for a perfect interaction of all ingredients (entourage effect).

The effect of CBD has not yet been fully explored. The active ingredient is considered anti-inflammatory and acting against oxidative stress. In addition, appetite-suppressing properties have been observed in experiments. Buy CBD – Which products with CBD are there? On the market, there are currently various ways to buy cannabidiol (CBD). CBD oil and CBD capsules in their pure form (CBD as the active ingredient) are already available today. Furthermore, CBD is found in many full-spectrum oils as well as in full-spectrum CBD capsules.